Jashn, a word with origins in India, means celebration. At Jashn you can savour a contemporary dining experience that does not compromise the traditional flavours that embody the festiveness of authentic Indian cuisine.

Within an atmosphere of relaxed elegance, diners experience a blend of sophisticated flavours from the piquant offerings of the Konkan coastline to the temperate flavours of Kasmir. From the delicately spiced seafood of Bengal, to the richly flavoured curries of Punjab. Our cuisine reflects the flavours of the Mughal empire, the British Raj and beyond, to which Indian cuisine has evolved today.

India, a land of many regions and cultures has an abundance of festivals to celebrate. Each Jashn in India is an explosion of colours, sounds and rituals climaxing with a sumptuous feast and highlights the conclusion of that festival

Sit back, relax and enjoy the culinary experience that is Jashn, as you journey across the regions of India and celebrate your palate with a blend of contemporary and traditional cuisine that draws on the vibrancy of India's culture.