Where do I camp ON the Surf Coast Walk

There are two main campsites situated right beside the Surf Coast Walk that are independently operated. It is important to book ahead. There are plenty of accommodation providers near the track also. We recommend you contact the Visitor Information Centre of assistance.

Please note: Bush camping is not permitted in the Surf Coast Shire, there are other options.

Visitor Information Centres



Weather conditions caution: you must be absolutely sure of tide, wave swell events on the Point Addis and Point Roadknight section of the walk.


Stay nearby

Overnight accommodation and camping nearby

A variety of accommodation and camping sites exist along the Surf Coast Walk between Torquay and Fairhaven.

Overnight stays for those who prefer the extra comfort of a soft bed, hot shower and perhaps a spa.

Details visit the link at www.surfcoastwalk.com.au


For those who are accessing the walk and have no car/only one car. Organise a pick up or drop off with the local taxi company or your accommodation provider.

Ride the Wave Surf Coast Shuttle – surfcoastshuttle.com.au
Torquay Taxi Services – 131008
Great Ocean Road Cabs, ANGLESEA – 0408 325 992
Vline Buses to operate in the area please look up Coaches – South Western Victoria – (Warrnambool - Apollo Bay ( Via Lorne) – Melbourne)


Warrnambool <> Apollo Bar <> Melbourne ( via Lorne Anglesea and Geelong (Great Ocean Road).

There are only two services in the morning and two in the afternoon so be sure to check the time and be generous with achieving your time goals. A summer timetable runs with additional services over January. Most stops are within the Surf Coast Towns or a slight detour from the walk (refer to Surf Coast rear off map for stops).


Where can I park my car?

Your car safety remains your responsibility. There are unsecured public parking exists along the Surf Coast Walk and camping areas, please check parking signs for time duration before leaving your vehicle.

Parking is available at along the walk from Point Impossible, Point Danger, Rocky Point, Bird Rock, Bells Beach (commercial buses without a permit are excluded), Point Addis, Point Roadknight, Urquhart bluff, Aireys inlet, Bottom of Split point lighthouse, and Fairhaven.


Can I purchase food along the way?

Options for purchasing food along the walk route are plentiful within the Surf Coast towns.  Because the walk weaves through all the townships along the coast, you can choose from a gourmet style meal, to grabbing some light refreshment.

There are several kiosks that operate right on the walk in Torquay, however, as you get further along on the walk you will need to leave the track to purchase supplies in the township.


Can I have a campfire?

You are NOT permitted along the Surf Coast Walk at anytime.

Check with individual camp grounds as to their restrictions at certain times of the year.

For further information, please ring the CFA on 13 1599 or visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au



Your safety is your responsibility

The Surf Coast Walk in certain areas is in a high bushfire risk area. There is no safe place to shelter and survive a bushfire.

Victoria Police outdoor information sheet –“let someone know when you go” – Download trip intention form.

For your safety, please visit this website: www.police.vic.gov.au

Prepare, Act Survive: Your safety is your responsibility and you need to be aware of current Fire Danger Ratings.

The Surf Coast Walk is in a section of the Otway National Park located in the Central District.


Fire Danger Declarations

For Total Fire Ban information, visit the County Fire Authority (CFA) website www.cfa.vic.gov.au.

During the fires season, over the warmer months of the year a Total Fire Ban day may be declared. On these days you must not light a fire and should stop any activity which might start a fire. This includes using portable liquid and gas fuel cooking stoves.

During periods of hot and windy weather and in the event that a Total Fire Ban is declared, hikers should carry some food that does not need to be cooked.

Severe Extreme or code Red fire danger ratings

On high fire danger days of rating of Severe or Extreme fire danger is applied. This means all walkers are advised to consider their personal safety while on their planned walking route.

You need to know your planned escape routes as many sections of the walk have no safe refuge. (due to thick heathland and fuel-laden forest, steep cliffs or a combination of these).

Do not wait and see. Parks Victoria advises that leaving the park early under these predicted conditions is your best option, or if not safe to do so, to stay at safe beach access areas.

Code Red is a fire danger rating that indicates the worst conditions for a bushfire. Leaving the walk at the earliest opportunity do not wait and see.

For more information on fires in Victoria and general fire safety, please use these information contacts:

(you may need to try several methods. All, except radio, rely on telephone or internet connections).

  • Victorian Bushfire Information Line on free call 1800 240 667
  • CFA website at www.cfa.vic.gov.au
  • People can also tune into their emergency broadcaster: ABC Local Radio (including 774 on the AM band) and commercial radio.